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Alinwa-Abiska's Profile Picture
Alinwa Abiska
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi there, I'm a brazillian traditional artist. Still learning how to use colors, and very engaged on ARPGs.
My real name is Kalinda, so that's the signature that appears in most of my drawings.


Bullet; Blue General Information
Name: Antom Servilkas
Age: 29 years old.
Birthday: 1988, september 2th.
Birthplace: the City of Queen Alvia.
Race: human.
Gender: gender fluid.
Sexuality: androsexual.
Family: cousin of Alvia, which makes them part of the royal bloodline. Their family is really rich, but really distant to each other. They had an older sister that vanished long ago, looking for her own adventures. She was the one they were closest to. Nowdays, Antom's family is his husband, who lives with them.

Bullet; Blue Appearance
Voice type: calm, wise and seductive.
Height: 1,7 meters tall.
Weight: 54kg.
Body type: thin. 

Bullet; Blue Abilities
Occupation: Antom was a knight, they are a great archer and can mount a horse like no one else. Deadly in battle. Also, for being extremily strategist and clever, they were the personal advisor of Queen Alvia.
Education level: considered one of the best war strategist in the whole kingdom, Antom was taught by the greatest teacher money could buy. They studied a lot, including: philosophy, mathematics, physics, archery, kinesiology and religious lore.

Bullet; Blue Personality
Quirks, strange mannerisms, and/or annoying habits: getting clean and dolled up quite often.
Favorite color: red.
Favorite food: flower salad.
Religious Preference: follower of Zaryr, a Koir immortal. Antom left all their beliefs and turned to Koir religion thanks to their husband.
Strengths: energetic, self-confident, efficient, strategic thinkers, strong-willed, charismatic and inspiring.
Weaknesses: stubborn, dominant, intolerant, cold, ruthless, usually hides everything from others, suspicious.
Role model: for a long time Antom felt really inspired by the figure of Queen Alvia. That was before they found out all the things that were wrong with her reign.
Fears: be ridiculed, loose trust of someone important, failure.
Goals: after running away from society, Antom is writing the work of their life. It's a book criticizing the monarchy and proposing a republic.
Hobbies and interests: fashion, philosophy, archery and intelectual work in general. Also, they love studying flowers.

Bullet; Blue Lore
Hierarchy/social standing: exiled.
Current place of residence: a house near the shore of Hidden Paradise.
Allies: Tory and Xae'la.
Enemies: the Koir people and the kingdom.
Romantic Life: Antom had a couple of boyfriends before their husband, unfortunately, where they saw love, the others saw a way to achieve power. They became even hard to trust after those two.
Notable Events: 
15 years old - mastered archery;
18 years old - there were 2 wars this year in which Antom took part, after the first one, they became the Queen's advisor.
19 years old - commander in the Battle of Spears;
20 years old - fought against the Koir rebellion, met Xae'la;
21 years old - letf the city, became a fugitive;
22 years old - found Xae'la and ran away with him.
Backstory: Antom grew up in the middle of a battle for power. They were always too smart for their age, so they never got along with other kids their age. taking too many resposabilities too fast, they became the royal advisor at the age of 18. There were some romances in Antom's life, but they disappointed them deeply. Not being able to agree with the Queens way of ruling, Antom ran away to find their own truth.

Bullet; Blue Biography
"Antom always lived like their time was limited, so they made sure they didn't waste it living someone else’s life. Many times others’ opinions tried to drown out their inner voice, but they fought against it with everything they had. Antom had the courage to follow their own heart and intuition. They can easily draw a crowd together behind a common goal, achieving spectacular results in the process. Their problems lies in the insensitivity they can sometimes show for being too convicted."
Bullet; Blue Theme Music 
Title: Amaranth
Artist/Composer: Nightwish
Title: All The King's Horses
Artist/Composer: Karmina

Bullet; Blue Kukuris:
Nami 2074
Bullet; Green General Information
Name: unkown - "Tory" is how they decided to call themselves.
Age: 17 years old.
Birthday: 1999, october 21th.
Birthplace: unkown, Tory doesn't remember anywhere but the beach they grew at.
Race: human.
Gender: agender.
Sexuality: assexual.
Family: Tory never knew who their parents were. They're not sure if they have any other relatives either. But Antom and Xae'la treat them like family, and they feel a motherly responsability to take care of Kenko, their kukuri.

Bullet; Green Appearance
Voice type: happy, a bit loud, and comprehensive.
Height: 1,5 meters tall.
Weight: 49kg.
Body type: Short, strong but not muscular. 

Bullet; Green Abilities
Occupation: Tory produces everything they need to survive, that includes farming, building, hunting, etc.
Education level: self-taught in most of the things. Their friend Antom taught them how to read and some basic math.

Bullet; Green Personality
Quirks, strange mannerisms, and/or annoying habits: lives alone, despite loving being around others. They always explore, but then return to their house and solitude.
Favorite color: green.
Favorite food: pineapple.
Religious Preference: they don't really believe in anything from above, but they believe there's good in all people, and reach for that.
Strengths: curious, observant, energetic and enthusiastic, is a good listener and advisor, friendly, knows how to get rid of stress.
Weaknesses: highly emotional, too much empathy (suffers for others), head above the clouds, always forget their shoes, independent to a fault.
Role model: none. They always listened to the deepest places of their heart. They learnt with nature who they wanted to be.
Fears: complete solitude, loosing freedom, noisy cities.
Goals: everyday has a different goal, but Tory really wants to see their kuku grow old, to be sure he had a good life, and rests in peace.
Hobbies and interests: Tory loves and knows a bit of botany, and has a special interest in: floral prints, the sun, ayurveda medicine, constellations, sports with boards, hair bands and berimbau (African instrument for music).

Bullet; Green Lore
Hierarchy/social standing: hermit.
Current place of residence: a small house on the shore of Hidden Paradise.
Allies: Antom and Xae'la.
Enemies: the Koir people.
Romantic Life: Tory never felt that special connection with anyone, and that's completly fine with them.
Notable Events:
6 years old - leaves the beach for the first time going to a nearby village;
10 years old - built a true house;
15 years old - adopted Kenko;
16 years old - went exploring and met Antom and Xae'la;
17 years old - returned home.
Backstory: nobody knows how Tory showed up in that beach, but they grew up there. Their life has all been about discovering the world from the very beginning, first learning how to survive, then how to interact with people, and so on, until now. They raised themselves, and it was really hard and confusing, but they did incredibly well, to the point where they now take care of someone (their kukuri, Kenko). The time they went exploring is a long story, but there they met their best friends: the couple Antom & Xae'la.

Bullet; Green Biography 
"Tory never looses time. They have this feeling of adventure and love, being really free spirited. People usually like them, for being so charismatic and friendly, but sometimes, this really cool personality can make others feel bad for not having built a house at the age of ten. Tory is really special, and not many things get their attention, only things that come from the heart, and shine with honesty."

Bullet; Green Theme Music 
Title: Mountain Sound
Artist/Composer: Of Monsters And Men 

Bullet; Green Kukuris: 
Kenko 1495
The Camp
With Magic Color Makers and a lot o love.
You Will Not
This was really fun to do. I messed up the background in the original picture, so I kinda did a manual "copy and paste" of the characters in a new background and it gave it this cool effect :D

Your Next Prompt: [Atk] You Always Did Have More Brawn Than Brain
  • After several failed attempts at diplomacy, you say ‘Screw it’. The feathered Kukuri are clearly hostile and you must react appropriately. A small herd of Prairies descends on your camp and trashes the place, taking you by surprise! Looks like it’s time to fight back.

  • Draw or write about your Kukuri either driving the Prairies off or subduing them. 
While Tory tried to convince the prairies to side with the humans and the other kukus, their camp was invaded by a kukuri herd led by Vrask! But the camp was not defenseless, since the great knight Antom was there to defend everybody, as he defended his city in countless wars not too long ago. Is there no peace for souls that only want to be safe?
Minko 2584 by Kuku-ri


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